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Boot Camps

Our Boot Camps provide a competitive edge to health and fitness. As a family, we use boot camp settings to push towards greatness, together. Our boot camps typically last 6 weeks and are continuous throughout the year.


We provide the best personal training, post-injury rehabilitation and sports specific training in Orlando, FL and surrounding areas. We take the necessary time to provide specific workouts that will lead you to your desired results.


The only place in Orlando, FL to address your areas of concern. We have trained professionals that will take the necessary time to restore your well-being.

Troy London


Troy is a 2007 graduate of Lincoln University with a B.S. in Health & Physical Education. He later received both his Personal Training (CPT) and Massage Therapy (LMT) Licenses. He was a member of Lincoln University's 2005 + 2006 Mens basketball teams and enlisted in the United States Navy in 2007 as a Combat Medic.

Troy served 9 years with United States Navy and has undergone Marine Corp Special Reconnaissance Training. He is a NSW Command Fitness Leader and the Founder and CEO of We’re Evolving Fitness TEAM, LLC (WEFiT, LLC). As a man of integrity and compassion, Troy is fully dedicated to helping others accomplish their fitness goals. 



Boot Camp

Spring Into Action - 6 Week boot camp.... Starting 4/17.

*Orientation will be held 4/11 at 6pm*


Looking to get faster, stronger, toned? Not seeing results on your current regimen?...Contact WEFiT for 1X1 Fitness and Sports Specific training sessions


Recovery is just as important as Training. Book your recovery session now!

Meal Plans

Achieve your fitness goals in the Kitchen!!


In-store Only

In-store Only

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